Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless Glass Doors

The same door opening and locking system applies to both UltraSlim and Frameless Glass Doors. There is a master door which pivots open, followed by a number of doors that slide then pivot to stack at right-angles against the master door. This enables maximum access when the doors are open. The difference is that UltraSlim […]

RAL colour options

Door Glass and Frame Options

The most popular colour for UltraSlim Door frames is Anthracite grey, closely followed by white. These generally blend with modern or traditional homes, to complement window frames and other existing aspects of the property. But if you want to be different or make a bold statement, you can choose any RAL colour for your powder-coated […]

sightline doors

Standard or Extra-Large Doors

Our UltraSlim slide-swing-stack doors with 19mm side frames provide for almost uninterrupted viewing and light flow when closed with the added benefit of maximum width access when fully open … and a few options in between. But what if your aperture requires a taller or wider door? For example, floor to ceiling or a wide […]

Victorian Roof Extension

Contemporary Doors for Architects & Designers

Architects and interior designers have provided excellent feedback on ULTRASLIM doors, which have been featured within project articles in several magazines. Exclusively made to measure in the UK, no other retractable door and window system has narrow 19mm aluminium side frames in wide a range of colours. Contemporary style doors that slide, pivot and stack […]

fully retractable ULTRASLIM windows

New Door Technology vs Traditional Patio Doors

Choosing between traditional and contemporary doors can depend on a number of factors, not just the existing age of the property. The budget available for a project and property owners’ lifestyle are critical. If it’s just a case of replacing patio doors on a property, home-owners with smaller budgets will generally try to match or […]

spaced slide-swing-stack doors

Contemporary Patio Doors: Best Frames

Patio door frames are usually manufactured as composite (pvc reinforced with metal/aluminuim), pvc, wood (hard/soft) and aluminium. Our experience of PVC patio doors is that they are very poor – they are usually cheap and ‘you get what you pay for’. The reinforced composites are stronger and, backed by a quality brand (which adds to […]