Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless Glass Doors

UltraSlim or Frameless Glass Doors?

The same door opening and locking system applies to both UltraSlim and Frameless Glass Doors. There is a master door which pivots open, followed by a number of doors that slide then pivot to stack at right-angles against the master door. This enables maximum access when the doors are open.

The difference is that UltraSlim Doors are double glazed and therefore suitable for use anywhere in the home from living space to external space (or to non-insulation-compliant conservatories).

Frameless Glass Doors are made with single-glazed, toughened glass and have no side frames to each door. This renders them ineligible for external doors on your home but can be used as room dividers, enclosures or external doors on non-living areas and out-buildings plus commercial property.

Ideal for enclosing pools, cabanas, pergolas, garage-gyms, external studios and, of course, as room dividers. The glass can be tinted or mirrored, as required.

Frameless Glass Doors are not for everyone but, if they are just what you are looking for, contact us for a quote.