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Contemporary Patio Doors: Best Frames

What Frames are Best for Contemporary Patio Doors?

Patio door frames are usually manufactured as composite (pvc reinforced with metal/aluminuim), pvc, wood (hard/soft) and aluminium.

Our experience of PVC patio doors is that they are very poor - they are usually cheap and 'you get what you pay for'. The reinforced composites are stronger and, backed by a quality brand (which adds to the cost), they are much better than PVC alone. Some are available with special finishes, such as wood-effect, to blend with existing windows but the most popular choice is white.

panoramic views with ultraslimWooden frames are available in hard and soft wood. Although more expensive than soft wood, hardwood frames will tolerate weather conditions better than soft wood varieties. Cheaper to produce and to buy, soft wood frames require more maintenance and is more prone to warp and shrink with damp and dry temperatures, creating a draughty home. Timber frames that are in full sun during summer months will need re-varnishing or painting every couple of years; humidity can be an issue, causing damage to the wood if not treated regularly.

Rust-prone Crittal-style metal frames have been replaced by coated aluminium. Aluminium is stronger than timber of the equivalent (or double) size and coated aluminium does not require to be surrounded by unnecessary PVC.  The colour options are far greater than with other frame types and maintenance is minimal. Aluminium is the key to ULTRASLIM frames.

Timber doors have their place in traditional properties. PVC/composite window frames can be quite neat but bi folding doors are no longer contemporary, especially when compared with ULTRASLIM door technology. Browse through our gallery of ultra slim and frameless doors.

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